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The My Garden News newsletter is a marketing tool that provides a monthly message to your email subscribers. It contains seasonal content, up-and-coming offers and promotions for nurseries, garden centers and greenhouses.

Each issue can be packed with gardening tips, product reviews,
event listings and more.

For over a decade, we have been producing professional
newsletters designed to help independent businesses
grow and prosper.

Improve your bottom line with a professionally produced and delivered digital newsletter
designed to boost traffic and promote cross-sell opportunities.

Increase your customer loyalty, drive foot traffic, and increase your profit margins.

Our Professionally Written Content

Our team of professional writers provides the gardening advice, recipes and other lifestyle content that forms
the base for your newsletter.

Your Advice and News

Grow your relationship with your customers by providing your own useful tips, advice and regional information.
You become their local expert!

Your promotional offers

Your featured specials, sale items and other offers are
incorporated and beautifully presented.

Our professional design and distribution

We take responsibility for all aspects of production and distribution.  Simply provide your content with our simple forms or by email, and we take care of the rest. Your newsletter will be styled to match your existing website and brand style.

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