My Garden News

Digital Flyers

Save time and money by letting professionals create the message for you.

The My Garden News digital flyer service can take your advertising to the next level.

Owners of garden centers, greenhouses and nurseries
commonly have to spend hours each week creating
digital flyers for their business.

The My Garden News flyer is a way to save time and focus on the things that matter. Our weekly digital flyer is an affordable and time efficient way for garden centers owners and operators to promote their products and services.

Let us us take care of your digital marketing so you can take care of your business.


Our Pricing‚Äč


Simple, Single message graphic

Quick , low-cost option that looks great & links back to your website

Unlimited Recipients


Sales Flyer +

Include up to 3 promos

Unlimited Recipients


Deluxe Flyer ++

Promote multiple best sellers from your e-commerce site

Unlimited Recipients

*Pricing based on 10 message bundle of 33% discount off single posted price. One time account set up fee of $199.99