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Looking for a simple way to increase customer conversion and build customer loyalty?

My Garden News campaigns and services will help you grow your business.

Growing Your Business

Why spend dozens of hours each month to get your company newsletters, SMS messages and flyers out to your customers when it’s not necessary? Our campaigns are professionally designed based on years of experience, then distributed to everyone on your mailing list, guaranteeing you get the exposure you’re looking for.

Grow your sales per customer

Making sure a monthly newsletter is sent to your customers and prospects is usually a huge time sink and it can be difficult to know what content will be most successful. Our monthly newsletter is designed to give you easy and cost-effective promotion opportunities. 

We Can Help!

Garden center and greenhouse operators struggle to promote their business in the digital age

Digital Flyers

From a simple, single graphic to a deluxe flyer that promotes multiple items from your e-commerce site, we can do it all. Quickly & Easily so that you can concentrate on the important stuff.

Digital Newsletters

Staying in touch is more important than ever to help build and drive your business. We have specialized in informative, entertaining digital newsletters for over 15 years. We can format your provided content or we can build it from scratch for you! You get the results!

SMS text msg campaigns

Text messages can drive big results but you don't need to spend the time learning how to set up and manage your text campaigns. There's nothing to learn or set up. We are a full-service agency and we understand that you have more important things to do.

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